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Finding a Clinical Psychologist

This Find-a-Clinical-Psychologist site has been developed to help resolve some of the confusion experienced by some people trying to work out which sort of psychologist to consult for clinical psychology services such as psychological therapy. While there are large numbers of “registered psychologists” across Australia, many of these do not have significant postgraduate education and training. Some have only completed 4 years of University training followed by 2 years of supervised work experience. While some of these psychologists have gone on to develop expertise in providing psychological assessment and treatment, others have minimal additional training and somewhat limited skills. One way to ensure you are receiving psychological assessment and therapy from a psychologist with extensive training and specialist supervised experience is to consult a Clinical Psychologist.

This site aims to provide people with the contact details of postgraduate trained Clinical Psychologists who are accessible to them. All the practitioners referred to on this site hold at least a Masters or a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology after which they have completed supervised experience, or qualifications that are deemed to be equivalent. (Except in the case of psychologists who are Clinical Registrars. They have completed their university training but have further supervised experience to undertake). Although we rely on the practitioners to provide accurate information, we do perform some checks on their credentials. However please notify us immediately if you are aware of any listed Clinical Psychologist who does not meet our guidelines.

In Australia postgraduate clinical psychology programmes are only available to people who have already completed four years of undergraduate study in psychology. Entry to these postgraduate Masters and Doctoral programmes is very competitive and is granted on the basis of academic merit and other characteristics such as interpersonal skills.

At the end of their training they have completed at least 6 years of full-time university training and at least one additional year of postgraduate supervised training in a clinical setting. During their postgraduate degree they receive training in how to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of psychological problems including the most serious mental disorders.

They typically have significant training in evidence-based therapies. These are psychological therapies that have been shown by controlled research to be effective in treating psychological disorders. They also receive supervised training in a variety of settings such as hospitals, community mental health centres, and specialist mental health clinics.

Once qualified, Clinical Psychologists are also required to undergo ongoing professional development in areas relevant to the practice of Clinical Psychology.

Because all the practitioners on this site are Clinical Psychologists, their patients are also eligible for the Clinical Psychologist specialist rebate from Medicare when they have an appropriate referral from their medical doctor. This rebate is significantly higher than that available for consultations with generalist psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists.

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